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October 23 & 24  Denver, Colorado

Braco Colorado   

Legal Disclaimer:  

The sessions with Braco are not related to a specific religion, church, or ideology. They are open to everybody independent from religion, race, color and culture. Braco does not promise any help or cure and the session with him is no replacement of medical help or therapies, which your doctors prescribed. Please follow the advise of your doctors at any time before and after your session and continue consulting the doctors for any health problem. Braco tries to give something to his visitors in addition to the help of the doctors, but he does not replace the use of doctors, medicine and therapies.

Braco was selected to be the featured guest for a special event at the Tillman Chapel, Church Center of the United Nations in New York City on November 16, 2012.  He was introduced as an "ambassador of peace" and he presented his loving gaze to a room full of UN staff, delegates of the NGOs, mission members and the Croatian ambassador.    Braco was recognized with a Peace Pole symbol in special recognition of his 17-year commitment to helping people in many countries throughout the world.  Here's a video clip of his visit to the UN:


"If we respect ourselves, our body, our spirit, we will understand how easy life is."  ~Braco

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​"We all carry a seed inside which can become a beautiful fruit one day." ~ Braco

Braco doesn't consider himself a miracle worker or a healer. Yet thousands travel to see him from all over the world, reporting transformations within their lives as a direct result. His energy and presence are powerful, as per the following testimonials from experts. You be the judge.

"I have been enormously impressed with Braco's spiritual healing efforts." 

John W. McDonald, US Ambassador, ret / USA

“When he stands in front of us, he lifts us up to a higher level, where we can feel who we really are. And that is so much more than our physical body alone. Braco brings us home to ourselves.”

Professor Alexander Schneider, Former President of the Basel PSI Days -World Healing Congress, Board member of the Swiss Society for Parapsychology/ Switzerland

“Braco is the real thing.”

​~ Dr. Michael Beckwith, Featured in documentary, The Secret, Author, Founder of  Agape International Spiritual Center, cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought, and the co-chair of the Season for Nonviolence/ USA

 “I admire him for his strength to create his life with modesty, and an incredible pure love for mankind.”

Drago Plecko, Scientist and Author/ Croatia 

“Every time I was touched by what numerous participants, including physicians, reported about miraculous changes that were obviously initiated by their encounter with Braco.”

~ Dr. Harald Wiesendanger, Philosopher, Psychologist and Sociologist/ Germany

​ “Braco says that it is love that heals. With healing, I mean much more than the physical healing alone, but also a new beginning, the search for the sense of life and happiness.”

~ Dr. Marino Parodi, Scientist, Psychologist, Featured in documentary, Surprise/ Italy 

​“I think Braco connects himself to the Source – the Source, that everyone is actually connected to – but he consciously uses this Source to serve mankind.”

Andreas Bernhard Müller, Psychologist, Co-organizer of Lebenskraft in Zurich, and the foundation HoloVita/ Switzerland

​ “I have never experienced such a strong positive energy in the presence of any other human being. I have great respect for the work of Braco and I am aware of many other doctors interested in spiritual healing who also have a deep respect for him.”

~ Dr. Lucia D. Colizoli, Board Certified Psychiatrist and Certified in Addiction Medicine, in the practice of medicine for 36 years/ USA

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